All RezCare members sign up for our core services at an affordable monthly subscription of R799 per person or R999 per couple. 

The core services include:

  1. RezCare SOS - Emergency medical and security response system - valued at R399pm.

  2. Health and wellness profile 

  3. Home safety & security assessment 

  4. Weekly telephone check-in from a RezCare staff member

  5. Monthly visits from a RezCare Friend

  6. Access to the RezCare Support Centre for advice, companionship and coffee

  7. Buddy bracelet so that RezCare can be contacted if you are incapacitated

  8. Professional property valuation and advice from real-estate specialists

  9. Financial advice from registered, independent financial advisors

  10. Tech support (via telephone or at the office)

  11. Travel bookings (via telephone or at the office)

 A wide range of additional services can be procured on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Core Services


“Protecting the elderly, keeping them alive, is keeping our memories alive in real life. It is to keep our past literally in today's time!”

                              Mehmet Murat Ildan