When there is a wobbly...

(Thinking about emergencies, making a plan, and then letting fear go)

In my experience, there can be days (or nights) when suddenly, or so it seems, out of the blue, the body feels different. The usual little niggles like the knee that creaks or the toes that twitch, the watering left eye...all that is still there, more or less as you have come to accept it.

And then sometimes, something is quite different.

Perhaps you suddenly feel breathless for no reason, or there are shooting pains through your head, or you have done nothing but sit in your favourite chair and you begin to feel sleepy and exhausted like that time you swam a thousand meters in the swimathon, or your throat feels unusually tight or there is a pull where you assume your heart is located.

Do you know what I am talking about? It just all feels different.

Hello – you know your body and you talk to it. You check in with it.

What’s going on, you ask. Have I mistreated you? And after a tiny pause, you add in a whisper ‘again?’

Too much dairy, not enough water? Too much coffee, not enough spinach? Too much pondering, not enough singing? Too much slouching in the armchair, not enough dancing? Too much driving, not enough walking?

You wonder and wonder and the body still feels ‘weird’, nothing comes up. That one piece (or was it a slab?) of chocolate, or that fabulous late-night movie, that second cuppa yesterday ...no those couldn’t possibly be the cause for the body’s push/pull feeling you sense.

You drink water. Hot water, then cold water. You try to distract yourself by cleaning the bathroom. Then you wash the dishes. The feeling persists.

The body is not well.

So you start looking at your emotional well-being – too much stress, anger, sadness, worry, insecurity...? How long did you sleep last night? And the night before? Was that enough?

Okay well, you could improve on the sleeping time but still...you are not convinced that this is the cause for how your body feels and behaves.

You think that perhaps something is in fact happening inside your body that makes you feel unwell and you’re uneasy.

And you finally might want to call for help.

The call for help

Who do I call, when and how and what do I say?

It’s a great idea to think about this on ‘normal’, on ‘good’ days and to prepare.

You could start by printing out the list below, or write it out BIG in your best handwriting. Remember that in unusual situations, even if there is no emergency, tension rises and confusion can set in. Big letters and serious, thoughtful preparation can help a lot with the management of anxiety.

You could call a close friend or family member and say ‘I’m not feeling well, could you perhaps come and pass by my place sometime soon and check on me?’

Then you list when and how you are not feeling your best and make sure someone will come by your place soon. Often this call makes you feel a bit better already; you don’t feel so alone and helpless.

And you can take it from there. Or you now know someone will!

So, if you can speak to your family, friends or RezCare companions before the next time your body ‘speaks foreign’, behaves differently and makes you concerned, please do it.

Ask questions, ask for opinions and advice. Inform yourself and consider all options, like for instance: you want to invest in an emergency button?

RezCare works with a great company - Namola - they produce and maintain an emergency button. Please contact RezCare today to find out more.

Would you perhaps like someone to call you on a daily basis for a while to check in with you? This is just one of many services RezCare provides.

Please contact RezCare and get information about becoming a member; it's easy and your peace of mind is guaranteed... 85 Main Road, Fish Hoek 087-654-3177 info@rezcare.co.za

A worry shared is a worry shed.

Make arrangements.

Do all this while you are well and your body is in a good mood. So then when things go a bit pear-shaped, you know what to do.

In my experience that helps. A lot!

With my best wishes for a joyful time


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