The Age-in-Place Movement

America is going through a rough patch at the moment but I have always admired their ability to innovate and think big. For decades now they have lead the world in the retirement village industry, with huge estates in Florida and other retirement destinations. Retirement village developers like Del Webb and Sunrise Seniors became household names in America.

Members of the Baby Boomer generation, however, are exploring other more independent alternatives. They have scaled down and prepped their homes for a safe and comfortable retirement. It did not take American entrepreneurs long to see a business opportunity and soon a new industry sprung up. Service providers quickly established to deliver services to seniors in their homes and the concept of a NORC was born. A “naturally occurring retirement community” is a geographic location with a high percentage of seniors ageing at home. Today this industry is as big as the retirement village industry in America and the two cohabit amicably.

In South Africa we are familiar with home nursing agencies but the idea of a single provider delivering a comprehensive range of services to the home has not existed. The concept is to provide medical and security emergency services, home nursing and a comprehensive range of other services available to members via a call centre. They partner with other providers in the community to deliver home and garden maintenance, domestic help, transport, shopping, walking the dog and providing companionship. Members of these NORC’s generally pay an affordable monthly subscription for essential services and procure nursing or home services on a pay-as-you go basis. This way you only pay for what you need when you need it.

This concept has arrived in the Southern Peninsula of Cape Town in the form of a new business called RezCare. Their goal is to assist seniors to extend their independence at home by becoming an extension of their household.

RezCare aims to become a trusted member of the local community and to provide peace of mind to seniors and their adult children who may live some distance away.

Find out more by calling 087 654 3177. Even better pop into our support centre at 85 Main Road Fish Hoek and our friendly staff will tell you all about our services.

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