Seniors Helping Seniors

The notion of seniors helping seniors in retirement villages and in their homes is not new and is practiced in both North America and the UK. The proposition is that seniors have insight into other seniors’ needs that younger caregivers cannot have. This is not to discredit younger caregivers who bring a different dimension to care for the elderly.

Healthy seniors with time on their hands often volunteer to help other seniors informally or

join organisations who do this for a living. Either way, seniors have an important role to play in later life. Their support can take many forms from assisting other seniors with mobility or health challenges to providing companionship, sharing hobbies and inviting lonely or single seniors into their social networks.

This idea is more prevalent in towns and suburbs with a strong community spirit. Towns like Fish Hoek and Simons Town in the South Peninsula of Cape Town have this culture. You can sense in on the street, on the beach and in shopping centres where seniors gather.

RezCare, a new organisation in the South Peninsula promotes this approach to ageing well.

While RezCare has a support infrastructure it is also looking for seniors who wish to serve as ambassadors or as friends. The friends of RezCare are individuals who have some free time on their hands and the desire and passion to provide support and companionship to more needy seniors in the community. And they can earn an income while doing so. These friends can be any age from students to retired people. The only requirement is a real desire to serve others in the community.

The Covid pandemic has already changed many things in our society and older seniors are

opting to stay at home rather than risk infection in shopping centres and on the street.

Having a friend of RezCare visit seniors in their homes is a way to stay connected in the

community with a reduced risk of exposure to the virus. In addition, RezCare offers an

emergency response service, professional home nursing and other practical home services.

If you would like to offer your services as an ambassador or friend visit their website at or pop into their support centre at 85 Main Road, Fish Hoek. They would

love to meet you.

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