2022 - Mind, Soul and Body

Welcome to the first of the RezCare blogs of 2022.

The intention of the blogs will be to provide food for thought through information on issues we think the members of RezCare will be interested in and gain value from.

We will let our choice of topics in part be guided by your requests and in part by the commemorations of world and international days.

What are those you may ask?

World days are celebrated worldwide, International days are observed in a few countries. All of them are primarily used as opportunities to inform and educate on issues of concern, to mobilize political will and resources to address global problems, and to celebrate and reinforce achievements of humanity.

First up we present to you: the third of January, annually celebrated as THE INTERNATIONAL DAY OF MIND AND BODY WELLNESS.

Aha! So what exactly is wellness and why do we want to attract attention to the importance of the mind-body connection?

Wellness is – well the question can of course be stretched like ...is my body well when I can run ahalf marathon, a 5km uphill mountain path, when I do a daily morning cycle and a swim? Or am I well when I can get out of bed in the morning unaided and make my way to the bathroom?

Am I well in my mind when I can write and recite poetry, learn a new language every year, when I multitask effortlessly? Or am I well in my mind when I lie in bed in the evening, grateful to have made it through the day, looking forward to a good night’s sleep?

What does well actually mean?

A well is of course ‘a pool fed by a spring’, and it is also seen as something done or in a state of being in a ‘good and proper manner’.

Yes, let’s accept that the celebration of the International Day of Mind –Body Wellness on the 3rd January wants to highlight the fact that our minds and bodies BOTH absolutely need to be well, so that they can be the well from which we can harvest energy and joy for our life as it unfolds and progresses; so that we can make sense of our purpose for being alive.

And isn’t the beginning of a year such an appropriate time to look at how we can make ourselves as well as possible.

So, how can we achieve wellness in body and mind?

There is no shortage of advice flooding the media and if you allow me - here I open the floodgates for just some of the droplets of suggestions which flow out of the various internet sites:

  • Take a yoga class,

  • meditate,

  • drink water,

  • smile,

  • laugh,

  • take a nap,

  • sleep enough,

  • take a bath,

  • read,

  • listen to music,

  • sing,

  • get 15 minutes of daily exercise,

  • dance,

  • spend time in nature,

  • be grateful,

  • be kind,

  • eat more plant based food,

  • slow down,

  • let go,

  • forgive yourself...

To tell the truth – when I look at this to-do list I feel unwell. Overwhelmed and slightly panicky – so much to consider...

...no wonder I don’t feel well, I am NOT coping with all of the above, the yoga alone is a hurdle, and just thinking of sitting in meditation makes my knees ache...

But wait – there is help in sight. I discovered a TED talk by Jaya Jaya Myra which saved me from giving up on the idea of attempting mind-body wellness. Jaya Jaya Myra is a forty two year old who at one point in her life needed to rescue herself from severe physical illness, debilitating pain and the resulting despair – over time she has developed a system she calls WELL –

W – work/life harmony

E – expect / enable excellence

L – live your purpose

L – love, not fear

So on the occasion of the 3rd January 2022, I would like to offer you this:

I believe we need to stop, explore and discover what is right for each one of us.

What will work for us to have balanced mind-body health differs because we are different ...yes this is the bottom line of all the generous advice given – the essence is...

Look at yourself and be honest. Listen to yourself and find out what your body and your mind need. Pause and find out. Then do it. Do it for yourself. You know what you need. Take the time. Take a look. Take another look. Be honest. Find it. Honour who you are. Do it.

And be well. I salute you.

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